*Cargo Bag Poly. 32” 90-100 LBS Repowered (SQUARE)
May 21, 2021
Miami Carry On -U-Shape Pillow
U-Shape Pillow
November 16, 2021

*Expandable Wheeled Bag (3 Sizes)


The Expandable Wheeled Bag is the perfect solution for transporting everything you need. Made with 600D polyester, this bag is available in three sizes, with three flexible levels, comfortable grip handle, and sturdy 360° swivel wheels. Fold this bag to 4 inches deep when not in use for easy storage!

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Are you looking for a durable and sturdy bag to carry your things? The Expandable Wheeled Bag is the perfect choice for you. This bag is made of 600D polyester, making it resistant and durable for any type of trip. Available in three different sizes (50, 70, and 100 pounds), this bag is perfect to fit your travel needs.

With its main compartment that opens with a double zipper closure, you can be sure that everything you need to carry will be safe inside. Additionally, with three flexible levels, you can adjust the amount of space you need to fit any load. The reinforced strap ensures that this bag will withstand even the heaviest load.

The Expandable Wheeled Bag is also designed to be comfortable and easy to transport. It features a comfortable grip handle to fit your preferred carrying style. Two additional front pockets provide extra storage for last-minute items.

When not in use, the Expandable Wheeled Bag folds to just 4 inches deep, making it easy to store anywhere. And with its sturdy 360° swivel wheels, this bag effortlessly glides on any surface for easy transportation. Get the Expandable Wheeled Bag now and experience a new level of comfort and ease in your travels!

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Item #: 4040/100 (40″) 

Dimensions: 40″ x 14″ x 23″

Three Expandable Dimensions: 40″ x 14″ x 23″ – 30″ x 14″ x 23″ – 20″ x 14″ x 23″

Dimensions (Folded): 23″ x 3″ x 14″

Linear Dimensions: 77″

Capacity: 100 lbs

Weight: 5.5 lbs 

Wheels: 6 Spinner wheels

Item #: 40036/70 (36″)

Dimensions: 36″ x 13″ x 20″

Three Expandable Dimensions: 36″ x 13″ x 20″ – 26″ x 13″ x 20″ – 16″ x 13″ x 20″

Dimensions (Folded): 21″ x 2″ x 12″

Linear Dimensions: 69″

Capacity: 70 lbs

Weight: 4.30 lbs 

Wheels: 5 Spinner wheels


Item #: 40032/50 (32″)

Dimensions: 30″ x 11″ x 17″

Dimensions (Folded): 17″ x 2″ x 11″

Three Expandable Dimensions: 30″ x 11″ x 17″ – 22″ x 11″ x 17″ – 14″ x 11″ x 17″

Linear Dimensions: 62″

Capacity: 58 lbs

Weight: 3.2 lbs 

Wheels: 5 Spinner wheels

*The 10% discount promotion  does not apply to this product.

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