Duffe bag poly 32 50 (round)
*Duffle bag poly. 32” 50 lbs (round)
July 8, 2022
*Tote Bag 20″
May 4, 2023

*Duffle bag poly. 40” 100 lbs (round)


Need a spacious and durable travel bag? Discover our 40″ Duffle Bag Poly! With a capacity of 100 lbs, round design, and comfortable handles, travel in style and comfort!

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Get ready for your biggest and most exciting trips with our 40″ Duffle Bag Poly. This spacious and durable travel bag is designed for those who need to carry a considerable amount of belongings without compromising comfort and functionality.

With an impressive capacity of up to 100 pounds, this bag allows you to pack everything you need and more. Whether you’re planning a long vacation or an adventurous expedition, you won’t have to worry about space.

The round design of the Duffle Bag Poly gives it a modern and attractive look.

The top adjusters allow you to securely fasten your belongings, while the side handles and carrying strap provide versatile and comfortable transport options. You can carry it as a traditional bag or use the shoulder strap to carry it on your shoulder.

The dimensions of 15x9x3 inches (L×W×H) offer a perfect balance of space and portability. You can easily take it on board planes, trains, or cars without worrying about limited space.

Whether you’re planning a family trip, an outdoor adventure, or an extended business trip, the 40″ Duffle Bag Poly is the perfect choice. Its sturdy and durable construction ensures the protection of your belongings throughout the journey.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get our 40″ Duffle Bag Poly and take your travels to the next level of comfort and style. Pack your bags and embark on your next adventure with confidence!

*The 10% discount promotion for Father’s Day in June does not apply to this product.

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 3 in