May 15, 2023
Duffle bag poly. 28” 70 lbs (quadrate)
*Duffle bag poly. 28” 70 lbs (quadrate)
May 17, 2023

*Cargo Bag Poly. 28-32” 70-100 LBS (SQUARE)


Do you need a sturdy and versatile cargo solution? Look no further! Our 28-32″ Cargo Bag Poly is perfect for transporting loads of 70-100 lbs. With its square design, top adjusters, and side handles, shipping has never been easier!

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Are you in need of a reliable and convenient way to transport heavy loads? Our 28-32″ Cargo Bag Poly is the perfect choice. Designed to withstand loads of 70 to 100 pounds, this durable bag provides you with the confidence you need for your shipments.

With its 28 and 32-inch square size, the Cargo Bag Poly offers ample space to accommodate your items. Whether you need to ship commercial products or make a move, this bag is spacious enough to fit your needs.

Its black color gives the bag an elegant and professional look, while the top adjusters ensure a secure hold of your items during transportation. Additionally, the side handles make lifting and handling the bag easy, providing you with comfort and practicality.

Weighing in at just 2.35 lbs, the Cargo Bag Poly is lightweight and easy to carry, allowing you to save energy and effort during your shipments. Its dimensions of 12x8x3 inches (L×W×H) provide a perfect balance between capacity and portability.

Whether you’re an e-commerce professional or simply need to ship a large package, the Cargo Bag Poly provides you with the confidence and practicality you need. Don’t miss the opportunity to simplify your shipments with this incredible bag!

*The 10% discount promotion for Father’s Day in June does not apply to this product.

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